Sarah Paulson And Erika Girardi Are Bonding Over A Sequined Dress

This love affair is beautiful to watch. 

Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion proved a little intense for Erika Girardi. The usually calm, cool, and collected singer had a standout moment this past season, in what she now refers to as "a moment of meltdown" in Hong Kong.

Now that we have a bit of context as to why Erika was triggered—essentially, her inner mama bear came out—the whole moment makes more sense. But it can't have been easy rehashing that uncomfortable dinner.

Still, Erika looked every bit the queen in her reunion look, which was a gold, sequined dress by Marc Jacobs. We couldn't stop staring at Erika's perfectly coordinated, pointy-toed stilettos, hoop earrings, and her gorgeously retro, bouffant 'do.

A fan pointed out that Erika's dress looked familiar, writing: "Watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...twinsies?," and tagging actress Sarah Paulson—who wore the same dress to the Golden Globe Awards!

The actress responded enthusiastically: "I will twinsies with @erikajayne any day of the week!," and even added little heart emojis to underscore the burgeoning love affair.

Erika herself jumped in to comment, graciously noting: "I'm honored." (And yes, Erika used hearts as well.)

Love all around. That tends to happen, when Marc Jacobs sequins are involved.

Sarah x Marc Jacobs

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