This Prince is Wealthy, Like “Buys Plane Tickets for 80 of His Hawks” Wealthy

Snakes on a plane: Out. Hawks on a plane: SUPER IN.

Here at Unleashed, we talk a lot about spoiling your pets. That usually translates to Lisa Vanderpump giving Giggy filet mignon or a Cheshire lady spending over $3,600 on Christmas gifts for her Boston Terriers. But today, we have a Saudi prince who’s giving those two British ladies a run for their money (literally).

According to the original poster (lensoo from Reddit), a plane captain friend sent him this, um, unusual photo. Apparently, the prince bought plane tickets for 80 of his pet hawks so they could travel in style. Now, we’re just spitballing here, but let’s just say they were traveling from Saudi Arabia to New York City…that’s $602 per hawk, or upwards of $48,000.

So yeah, we are pretty impressed with his avian spoilings, but we do have some questions: Specifically: What are the other passengers on this plane thinking? Were the hawks granted specific bird food dietary meals? And most importantly: does the prince not know that hawks can fly?

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