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Here Are the Scandalous Things People Do When The Boss Isn't In

Employees are up to no good when there's no one around to watch.

Offices are just looser when the head honcho isn't around. People get louder, show up later, maybe skip out a little early. Maybe their hangover is so bad they can actually leave without anyone noticing. Perhaps they want to swipe some office supplies, who knows, maybe they salivate over the sight of a fresh notebook. We'd say those are on the lighter side of workplace crimes. 

These people admitted to more reckelss behavior, from napping, to stealing, to streaming whatever the latest bingeworthy show is on Netflix at their desk.

You can read more stories of how people play when the boss is away on Whisper

Here we've got a sleeper.

My boss isn't here and made my presence known to my coworkers, now to sneak off for a nap in my car

Act like a boss doesn't mean stiing in his or her chair. 

While my boss is out of town I am sitting in his office for the day, makes me feel important!

Can't argue with this one.

Whenever my boss isn't here, I leave 1/2 an hour early to beat traffic. I hope I don't get caught haha.

A real Robin Hood of an employee.

About once a week when my boss isn't in, I let a homeless man take whatever he needs from the shop

Who made popcorn in the office microwave? This guy.

When the boss is away,  Netflix I will play.

Unless you're working as a surf instructor, please put your shoes on. 

I've been at work since 9 and I haven't put shoes on at all today.  I love it when my boss is gone.

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