ALERT: There is a Seal Hugging a Plush Version of Himself and it is TOO MUCH

This seal hugging a seal is making us feel all the feels.

Okay, okay, we don’t want to build this up too much but LISTEN: There is a pretty great seal at Mombetsu Land in Hokkaido, Japan. First of all, he’s a seal, which is already a strong start. But second of all, he has a stuffed animal seal that looks just like him. Third of all, HE CAN’T STOP HUGGING THE PLUSH SEAL AND POSING FOR PHOTOS.

[Photos c/o: @mombetsu_land]

Seal-hugging-seal fanatics the world ‘round can’t stop taking his pic:

[Photos c/o: @aguhiyori]

It’s almost like all of the attention is fueling the strength of his hugs, and therefore, his cuteness:

[Photos c/o: @mombetsu_land]

We tip our hats to the fine caretakers at Mombetsu Land who gave the seal such a thoughtful gift:

[Photos c/o: @mombetsu_land]

That's it. That's your seal report for the day. Thank you for your time.

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