This Chocolate Potato Is the Coolest Food We’ve Seen All Week

Is it dinner or is it dessert? That's up to you.

Sometimes we’re craving a baked potato. Other times we’re desperate for chocolate. But really, must we choose? Can’t we have both—in the same bite?

No, you might say. That’s disgusting. But we beg to differ, because See’s Candies is selling a little treat that merges the two totally incongruous foods oh-so-elegantly and deliciously.

It’s called the St. Patrick's Day Potato.

Granted, it doesn’t actually involve any potatoes. It’s made with white and milk chocolates, cocoa powder, cinnamon and pine nuts (the nuts stand in for the potato "eyes"), and It only looks like a spud—scarily so. But we’re pretty glad that See’s didn’t decide to mix potatoes into this thing. Will this ingenious snack help with your potato cravings? Not exactly. But come on, sometimes a chocolate cure is all anyone really needs.

There’s never been a better time to get some chocolate potatoes into your life, because these things will only be available until supplies run out... or until St. Patrick's Day is sadly—and safely—behind us.

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