We Dare You to Serve This Barbie Salad at Your Next Dinner Party

Because you're never too old to play with Barbies.

A Barbie is an essential part of every little girl's life. The snazzy outfits! The glam accessories! That fabulous convertible! And if you were super-lucky, you had the Barbie Dreamhouse—that amazing, multi-level ode to pink plastic furniture.

Barbie-themed birthday parties were a must, too. Of course, no Barbie party could be complete without a Barbie cake, which involved a real Barbie doll and a cake "dress." There are hundreds of versions all over the Internet. (Even Martha Stewart has a recipe.)

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But when you're all grown up, the Barbie cake might seem a little…juvenile. Silly, even. If only there were a more mature way to pay homage to Barbie. One that might be fitting at, say, a dinner party.

Thank goodness for the geniuses over at Lucky Peach. Building upon the basic principles of the Barbie cake, they've invented the Barbie salad. It's refreshing. It's decorative. It's possibly healthy. And it's damn easy to make. All you need are five simple ingredients (one of them being your favorite Barbie doll, of course).

A head of lettuce transforms into your Barbie's very full skirt—the better to show off that teeny-tiny, physically impossible waist.

But of course, the best part is embellishing your Barbie's dress to your heart's content. Use all those tomatoes. Jazz it up with baby carrots. Feel free to go crazy with the ranch dressing. (Want some extra color? Go for French instead!)

Serve up your Barbie salad at your next dinner party, and watch your guests' jaws drop with delight.

Get the full recipe here.

Photos by Anna Hezel & Gabriella Paiella

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