Your Flight Has Been Delayed. Would You Like to Meet with the Airport Therapy Pig?

LiLou is the only good thing about holiday travel.

After a two-hour taxi ride to JFK, 90 minutes of impatient foot-tapping in the security line, and three presents torn open by the TSA, you finally get to the gate and your six-hour flight to Seattle has been delayed, like, 17 hours “because of reasons.” WHAT DO YOU DO?

A) Renounce the holidays and go home.

B) Scream at your gate agent, calling him “a no-good Scrooge in a skinny tie.”

C) Call up the airport therapy pig to make everything better.

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If you chose C, then you must be a traveler at SFO, where LiLou the Therapy Pig is on standby to cure your holiday travelin’ blues. The first airport therapy pig in the U.S., LiLou wears delightful costumes, boasts painted nails, and loves to perform tricks that will make you forget all about the mysterious whereabouts of your luggage.

Apparently, LiLou is just the latest addition to the SFO’s well-established “Wag Brigade,” which apparently has 300 dog, cat, and rabbit therapy volunteers. “It’s wonderful to witness the surprise and delight that LiLou brings to people during therapy visits,” says Dr. Jennifer Henley, SF SPCA Animal Assisted Therapy manager in a press release. The animals wear “Pet Me!” vests so that passengers know exactly where to go if they need to alleviate some airplane stress.

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Anyway, BRB, we gotta go convince our families to move to the Bay Area so that we can go snuggle a pig.

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