Reza Farahan's Challenge: Eat This Food 3 Times a Day, Get a Ripped New Body Like He Did

The #Shahs-style approach could help you lose 40 pounds, but you have to be "militant."

Shahs of Sunset's Reza Farahan has been using the word "militant" a lot to describe his strict diet and fitness regimen that has helped him shed 40 pounds since December. He's been getting up at the crack of dawn, going to the gym, and eating little slabs of fitness bread with avocado slices on top, part of a new eating plan developed in consultation with a nutritionist.

He's also been eating carrots. Many carrots. Lots and lots of carrots.

The Shahs husband told The Doctors just how many carrots he eats and issued a challenge of sorts to viewers.

"It's very hard to eat two whole large carrots three times a day," he said. "I encourage you to try. It will fill you up and you will not be hungry. Your jaw might hurt a little," he joked.

Carrots seem to manage a variety of his cravings, and they have significant health benefits to boot.

"It's got the crunch, it's got the sweetness, it's got a lot of fiber — it'll keep you regular," he advised.

Now that's a hard-working food. But whether any of us could actually eat it in abundance and replicate Reza's 40-pound weight loss has yet to be proven.

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