Shakira's New Music Video Has Us Wanderlusting for Colombia

It's like a travel ad for the stunning South American country.

Never mind its recent history with notorious drug cartels and overlords like Pablo Escobar: Colombia is back in business for tourists.

If all the travel media attention on the South American country — not to mention a bit of misguided publicity from Snoop Dogg — hasn't gotten you ready to book your ticket, maybe Shakira's new video will.

The famous hip shaker along with Carlos Vives have released the hot vid for their new song "La Bicicleta." In it, the two Colombian crooners are beach bound, but they find themselves stuck in heavy traffic. So they bail on that whole car scene, and opt instead for a bike ride along the country's lively coast. 

Among all the video's many Colombian scenes and references is a shoutout to Tayrona, a spectacular national park that is a must-see for travelers. 

Watch the video to see more gorgeous beaches, landscapes, and a vibrant culture that prizes music, dancing, and fun.

BRB, we're packing our bikes and jetting to Colombia!

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