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Shannon Beador's Pup Archie Loves to Swim, Doesn't Care Where

Any body of water is fair game.

Any fan of Archie — we are frantically waving one hand over here while the other points you to our tribute to him —  knows he's one of the cutest pups in all the land (and on The Real Housewives of Orange County).

Any fan of Archie also knows how much he loves to swim.

Despite his fancy roots, he doesn't discriminate about where he takes a dip. Shannon Beador just posted this adorable pic on Instagram, saying that this is how her sweet Golden Retriever loves to cool down now that he "doesn’t have a big pool to swim in anymore." We're not sure if Archie's simply gone pool hopping in someone else's backyard but, wherever he goes, we're keeping an eye out.

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