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SHARK WEEK QUIZ! Pick a Shark and We'll Accurately Reveal Your Favorite Bravo Show

The most accurate shark-based TV show quiz on the internet today!

A wise soul once said, "Live every week like it was Shark Week."* This week makes that easier to accomplish than normal because it is Shark Week.

In honor of this most hallowed time of year ,we are focusing our amazing predictive skills on sharks. It’s a given that us animal psychics are able to tell everything weknow about you based on which shark photo you select. We could tell you your favorite color, your best friend’s middle name, your social security number, and your deepest, dark secret. But instead, we will tell you the most important thing of all: Your favorite Bravo TV show. Click through and be amazed!

 *That wise soul was Tina Fey and some of her writers on 30 Rock.

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