Zooey Deschanel’s Band Releases Christmas Video Starring Family of Pugs, Obviously

She & Him really knows how to make a music video.

Zooey Deschanel—she of the bold bangs and ukulele skills and daughter named Otter—has brought her eccentricities to a much-appreciated medium: Christmas music videos.

The actor-singer’s musical duo She & Him has released a video for “Winter Wonderland” off their new album Christmas Party, and it’s just a whole mess of festive pugs! Pugs in winter coats romping through majestic snowy landscapes! Pugs in Dickensian caroling outfits bounding up doorsteps! Pugs in Christmas pajamas racing towards their Christmas presents!

We don’t know why, but we also don’t care! We’ll gladly walk through a pug wonderland any day! (All of these exclamation points are Zooey-approved [probably!]!)

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