She Literally Fell Head Over Heels...Woman Faints In Street During Proposal

She took a pretty rough fall. 

This wedding proposal was just too much for one woman. 

Germán Benítez Giles planned to pop the question to his girlfriend, Reyna Rentería with a mariachi band serenading them— but when he asked her to marry him, she fainted. But not only did she faint, she completely fell backward with nothing to protect her on a street corner. This while he was trying to hand her a box containing the engagement ring.

A shocked Germán rushed to help her up, and luckily for him, she came to.

The fainting incident was caught on camera and Reyna posted a the video on her Facebook page. It has now been viewed by millions of people. The couple is now also getting offers from wedding companies for free rings, venues, and photos if they post the company's ad along with the video, which they are wisely taking advantage of. 

“For all of you, the precise magical moment of the marriage proposal followed by the whack [on the floor],” Rentería wrote in Spanish.

She also posted the picture of herself on the floor.

At least there’s a happy ending—when Reyna came to, she said yes.

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