Shelter Dog Loves His New Haircut So Much, He Smiles at the Groomer Like “HAAAY”

Literally us after a haircut.

Meet Marv. He’s a stray shelter dog with a TON of matted fur all around his face, ears, and body—but not for long.

In this sweet video, Mark Imhof (also known as “The Dog Guy”) explains how matted fur can be extremely painful to animals. “Matted fur hurts. Imagine your hair glued to the top of your scalp and every time you move, it hurts. That’s what matted fur is on the back of a dog.”

Imhof was inspired to help shelter dogs after a personal experience of his own: “I adopted a pit bull. When she came in, she looked utterly defeated. I gave her a bath and the dirt came off in cakes. She was almost like a different dog after the bath. So I said to my fiancé, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if somebody could go to the shelter and clean up the shelter dogs?’ So that’s what I did.”

Watch Imhof give Marv an amazing transformation below. We are living for that smile at the :25 second mark!

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