Should Crying Babies Get the Boot From First Class?

One mama encountered drama, despite her pricey ticket.

If you've paid for a first-class seat onboard an airplane (or upgraded fair and square), should you be able to sip your quality wines and stretch out your legs in peace and quiet, without everyday noise interferences? That's the big question being discussed after a fashion blogger brought her baby into first class, and some drama allegedly ensued.

Arielle Noa Charnas boarded a Delta Air Lines flight between NYC and Los Angeles, along with her husband and their nine-month-old baby, on December 29. Before the plane even took off, the baby started wailing. The SomethingNavy blogger explained more details in an Instagram post this week:

She explained that the tired baby was flying for the first time. She and her husband paid for the first-class seats in order that they could lay down with her. But off the bat, she got "tons of eye rolls and head shakes" from other passengers. She wrote that, eventually, a flight attendant came and asked her to move to the back of the plane. She alleged she was in fact asked to give up the seats she paid for. The new mom was "so stressed and anxious" but didn't give up her seat.

A Delta spokesperson told People, "Delta flight attendants are trained to provide safe transport and excellent customers service. We fully support all passengers traveling in the class of service for which they’ve paid.”

But the question is as much a philosophical one as it is just a matter of a specific incident β€” and it's certainly a topic that sends emotions soaring.

Commenters on the Instagram post β€” which now has nearly 23,000 likes β€” range from supportive to downright nasty.

"This is so sad! Sorry this happened to you. People definitely need to be more tolerant," one commenter wrote. "And if Delta doesn't want crying babies in first class, they should not be selling these expensive tickets to passengers with babies in the first place! Not make you pay for them to move you to the back of the plane afterwards! What a poor service!"

On the flip side, one commenter wrote, "Disruptive to everyone on the plane. I don't blame the Delta attendants."

Oh, and then there were β€” as always β€” the just-plain-unhelpful trolls: "People should not be traveling with babies anyway. The child does not knew what is going on, nor will it remember the trip. Leave babies with a sitter when traveling."

Well, OK then!

Trolls aside, the conversation is a heated one likely to continue until the future of flying includes some technological advancement that renders the topic moot. (Hopefully, it would also resolve the issues of creepy passenger behavior and bad plane-food etiquette.)

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