Can You Guess Which Breakfast Cereal Inspired a Fabulous New Cocktail?

Silly rabbit, Trix are for big kids.

There's no shortage of places to get a solid cocktail in Chicago, but The Sixth is managing to stand out from the pack. The bar staff at the intimate Lincoln Square spot, helmed by beverage director Benjamin Schiller, has some seriously inventive tricks, or should we say Trix, up their sleeve.

Not least of these is the Silly Rabbit, an Instagram-worthy cocktail that brings us back to the days of our Saturday morning breakfast ritual. Its four housemade, hand-cut ice cubes come in flavors mimicking Trix: Orangity-orange, lemony-yellow, raspberry-red, and grapity-grape. The cubes arrive in a tall glass, ready for you to pour milk (er, booze) on top. 

The booze itself is presented in a carafe, and it's essentially a spin on the classic Southside cocktail of gin, citrus bitters, freshly squeezed lemon, simple syrup and soda water. Simply add the mixture to the cubes and wait for the magic to happen. You can also add drops of mint tincture, served on the side, if you like.

The cocktail actually works, thanks to the interchange of flavors that morph as your ice melts, making for a nostalgic treat that will have you longing for Saturday morning cartoons to flash by as you sip. 

The bar's other throwback drinks include the Spaceman Spiff, named for Calvin's alter ego from the “Calvin & Hobbes” comic strip. Smoky mezcal, grilled pineapple and hazelnut join forces in a triangular glass set atop a small, cedar smoke-filled fishbowl, encasing a miniature ocean-inspired display.

Too much child's play for you? Go for the decidedly adult Weston cocktail, a blend of whiskey, coffee essence and pipe tobacco presented in a lowball glass over a giant two-inch ice cube.

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