Ready to Try a Hot Dog Topped with Sugary Cereal and Bacon?

The latest stadium snack is hitting new heights—or lows?—in pursuit of the ultimate wacky hybrid.

It looks like that innocent little sandwich formerly known as the hot dog will never be the same again. Now, in the wake of the Burgerizza, along comes the Slider Dog, which is arguably even more nuts than the 'rizza. According to USA Today, when fans hit up Progressive Field to catch the Cleveland Indians play, they will have the chance to try a whole new breed of stadium food. The "Slider Dog" is a hot dog topped with—wait for it—Froot Loops. But it doesn't end there. In addition to the sugary cereal, the hot dog also features bacon AND mac n' cheese. A true feast for the senses... and a real test for your stomach.

So to sum up, if you go to Cleveland and catch a baseball game, the concession stand vendors will sell you a hot dog that has Froot Loops, mac n' cheese and bacon on top. Because they can.

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