These Common Airplane Seats Aren't Just Miserably Uncomfortable — They're Actually Dangerous


If you've ever sat in an airplane seat so uncomfortable that you wondered if it was doing physical damage to your body — well, you were onto something.

The Federal Aviation Administration is actually ordering particular types of seats to be removed from U.S. airplanes because of the danger they pose to passengers, according to USA Today. These are so-called "Slim" or "Slimplus" seats, created by Zodiac Seats California — and the FAA has concluded that the seats increase the risk of neck injuries that occur in plane crashes that would be otherwise survivable.

According to the report, FAA reviewed videos and noted that that these offered almost no protection for passengers in a collision, and passengers could easily slide down and hit their heads on tray tables.

The seats are typically found in regional aircraft — and naturally, airlines that have them are not happy with the move. They say complying with the order and replacing the seats will cost them millions; there are about 10,000 of the seats in all.

SkyWest, a regional carrier that operates flights for the America's biggest airlines — American, Delta, United, and Alaska — is among those with the seats.

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