Smiling Sloth Redeems Brutal Week in Vacation Selfie News

Allow this pic to demonstrate the right way to use a selfie stick.

The last few days have brought a mixed bag of news when it comes to tourists attempting to snag the perfect photos while on vacation.

Sadly, a German tourist died while attempting to pose for a photo in Peru's bucket-list site of Machu Picchu. It was widely reported that he jumped in the air for that classic airborne shot... and then plunged several hundred feet to his death.

Alas, the quest for the perfect Instagram photo does not always end well. However, there is still good selfie-related news in the world, and we're happy to bring it to you now.

Over the weekend, a photo posted on Imgur went viral. It shows maybe the best thing to ever happen at the business end of a selfie stick: a tourist wielding the pole overhead to capture the image of himself with a sloth, and the animal totally on board, posing (unwittingly, we can only presume) with wide arms and a big smile. The resulting shot is vacation album gold — and Internet gold too, of course.

So behold this gem to help you transition back into reality following your epic three-day weekend:

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