Snapchat’s Latest Feature Is Here to Revolutionize Your Travel Photography (By Letting You Fake It)

And just like that, you went from ho-hum trip to #vacationgoals.

Faking travel photos is a sad, weird fact of the social media age — and the practice just might make you a social media star (if an infamous one). But now you don't even need to know your way around Photoshop to make it look like you're having a more fabulous time in an even more picturesque environment than you really are. That's thanks to Snapchat's new sky filters, the company's latest foray into augmented reality.

Are you, say, in Hawaii having trouble finding one of those rainbows that would make your Insta totally pop? No problem — you can easily just filter it into your images. Ditto if you're looking to create a stormy landscape, artificially starry night, or vibrantly colored cloud formation... when none of these things are actually happening.

Use this to make people think you're in a whole other, more exotic part of the world — or, paired aired with the 3D augmented reality features available in Snapchat's World Lenses filters, which debuted in April, an imaginary world even prettier than the real one.

Because what's social media if not an opportunity to curate real life into the appearance of total fantasy?

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