Fabulous Snow Monkeys Hit the Natural Hot Spring Spa to Escape the Cold

Being from the Northeast, it’s a little incomprehensible that people ever elect to vacation in freezing destinations like Whistler, BC. But then we watch shows like Timber Creek Lodge and understand that it’s all about venturing into the cold just to stay lavishly warm: you get the beautiful façade of snow with none of the bone-chilling hassle.

But nobody commits to that snowy spa life quite as seriously as these fabulous monkeys from the Japanese island of Hokkaido. The instant the weather turns too wintery, they make their way to the closest Japanese hot springs (called onsens) for some relaxing, rejuvenating soaks, free of charge.

Onsens are known to have many spa-like medicinal effects: they help your body detoxify, they soften and smooth your skin, and they can even naturally treat pains and ailments. Indeed, the monkeys lounge, stay warm, and generally live that luxe mineral life that costs most of us a pretty penny.

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