Sofia Vergara's Embryo Battle With Her Ex-Fiancé Nick Loeb Takes A Nasty Turn

Sofia's embryos are now suing her. How, you ask?

Sofia Vergara is still embroiled in a knock down drag out fight over her frozen embryos she shares with ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb.

This week, a right-to-live lawsuit was filed on behalf of the fertilized eggs against Sofia, 44, reports Page Six, and the female embryos are listed as plaintiffs “Emma’’ and “Isabella” in the Louisiana court papers.

Right-to-life Nick, 41, had sued the actress previously in California for custody of the embryos, which the couple created when they were still together in 2013.

Nick is now continuing the fight with the new case, because he filed the latest in Louisiana, a traditionally pro-life state that offers special legal protections for frozen embryos. In short, the latest lawsuit claims that by not being born, the two girls have been deprived of an inheritance from a trust that has been created for them in the state. Nick wants the frozen embryos so that they can live and receive the trust set up for them. The trust is said to be set up for their future health care and education. Nick has ties to Louisiana because he graduated from Tulane University and serves as a reserve police officer in the state.

The former couple had previously signed a contract saying that neither party could use the embryos without the consent of the other. Nick says the contract, signed at the ART Reproductive Center in Beverly Hills, should be voided since it violated California code and Louisiana law.

The battle has been a tough one for the Modern Family star. In 2015 Nick accused Sofia physical and emotional abuse in court papers and called him a “loser.” Sofia is now happily married to Joe Manganiello.

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