Someone Invented Coffee For Dogs and Gave it This Cringe-Worthy Name

We have a few questions. Like “Why?” and “WTF?"

This is a story about a woman who invented a coffee for dogs, and the fact that someone invented a coffee for dogs is not even the most eyebrow-raising part.

No, the central question is not, “Why would an animal known for its energy and excitement need a coffee?” But rather, why would the creator of that dog coffee, a Lithuanian woman named Agota Jakutyte, choose to give it this name: Rooffee.

If your immediate thought is, hey, that sounds like something I’ve heard before, it’s probably because it sounds just like the word “roofie,” which of course is a shortened version of Rohypnol, also known as the "date rape drug." A roofie is perhaps among the last things you’d want to accidentally give your pet, and frankly the phrase “giving my dog a Rooffee” doesn’t really sit right in any context.

Others seem to agree.

As for the coffee itself, it’s not exactly coffee (which is great because coffee can make your dog very, very sick) but more of a “coffee-like” beverage made from herbs, vegetables, dandelion root, hawthorn, chicory, burdock, and carrots, according to a BuzzFeed report.  The result is a beverage that the maker claims provides better digestive and immune systems for your pup, as well as a stronger heart and healthier skin.

Still, even if it was a beverage that gave dogs eternal life, the name would be enough to keep us from buying it. Fortunately Jakutyte, who says she had never heard of the drug "roofie" before naming her product, has plans to change the name of her beverage immediately.

And thank dog for that, mmmkay.

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