Someone Just Donated the World's Saddest Can of Soup to a Food Bank

The 46-year-old-old can has been out of production since 1982.

We've all accidentally hoarded something before. A jar of peanut butter or box of crackers hides out on the back shelf in the pantry, or a can of corn unknowingly rolls behind the refrigerator, and it's not until you move out of the apartment or do some deep spring cleaning that you realize — "wow this box of waffle mix is older than my car."

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But when you come across that decade old box of spaghetti or jar of hot sauce, you probably always do the reasonable thing and pitch it straight into the first trash can you can find. Right? Or, maybe, if you have some morbid/scientific curiosity, you pop it open to see what's become of the stuff. But by and large, you know where it belongs. What you haven't probably done is thought, "Hey, someone might want to eat this!" and donated it to a food bank. But not everyone is like you. 

WCPO reports that a food bank in Cardiff, a city on the south coast of Wales, recently received a donation that included a box of long-since-expired canned goods, including a can of sweet corn from the 1980s.
The pièce de résistance however, came in the form of an undated can of Heinz Kidney Soup.

The only indication of its age was a "10d" marking on its top, which reflects a pricing system that the UK stopped using in 1971 —meaning this can of soup is at least 46 years old. Or 46 years young, if you prefer!

For perspective, the shelf life of most canned soup is meant to be a couple years, and although there are reports of people eating canned goods well past their expiration dates without harm, we're going to go ahead and say a half century is pushing it.

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