This Genius Flight Attendant Came Up With a Dirty Job to Calm a Crying Kid (It Worked Like a Charm)

Turns out there are some positive stories amid all the bad airline press these days.

We hardly have to remind you that it can be a tough time to fly. But amid endless bad press — for instance Leggings-Gate, Bump-Gate, and Dead Rabbit-Gate — there are still a few sweet stories coming out of the occasionally still-friendly skies. And here's one of those for you.

When a flight attendant noticed a little girl bawling on her Southwest flight, given that her vacation to Disney World was officially over, she came up with a clever (and frankly pretty efficient) way to help calm the distraught child: She distracted the girl, and helped her feel important, but giving her a task.

What was the ever-important, self-confidence-boosting job she gave the girl? Well, trash collecting.

Her mom, Vicky, wrote that her "sad little Mousketeer sobbed for half an hour about leaving Orlando until awesome Tammy from Southwest Airlines gave her new purpose in life."

Once shared on Facebook, the video quickly went viral — with tons of commenters commending the flight attendant for being so understanding, as well as quick thinking. 

Tally one in the "good" column for airline customer service.

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