Speaking More Than One Language Is a Huge Turn-on For Potential Partners

Habla Español?

This is why Chealsea Handler recently revealed on her talk show that she has been meeting a Spanish tutor once a week in order to learn the language fluently. Gwyneth Paltrow is fluent in Spanish, Melania Trump speaks five languages, Mila Kunis speaks Russian, Bradley Cooper, French. 

If that's not proof enough, most Americans believe that speaking two or more languages makes a person seem smarter and more attractive. Brits weren’t far behind, with more than half of the people polled in a new Babbel survey saying speaking multiple languages ups a person’s appeal. 

Speaking more than one language was a turn on for 71% of Americans and 61% of Brits in the poll of 3,000 English-speakers. And nine out of 10 were willing to expand their brain in their search for love, saying they’d learn a new language if it was required. Half of the people polled had daydreamed about a love affair with a foreign partner, (hello, France.)

The group was also polled about language at work, revealing that knowing only one language has restricted them in some way in their careers—but have also lied about being bilingual on their resume. 

Western-English language speakers are behind the rest of the world when it comes to speaking more than one language. More than half the world can speak at least two, if not more, languages. 

About one fourth of U.S. citizens can speak mostly Spanish as a second language, while 60% of UK citizens speak mainly English. 

One factor that led to being bilingual, was if your parents are immigrants and you were raised speaking their native language, along with your country’s language. 

The sexiest language people were willing to learn was French, while those polled considered Russian as being the hardest to learn. 

In addition to sexiness, learning another language has been found to delay symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

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