Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Resurface, Hint They Are Expecting a Baby

No one ever knows what's true with the reality stars. 

Guess who’s back?

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Speidi. That’s right, Lauren Conrad’s tormentors on The Hills, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, have resurfaced from wherever it is they live and breathe to hint they may have created a Speidi Jr.
Spencer has dropped clues that his wife Heidi could be pregnant to fans on Twitter, but who knows what's true when it comes to these two?
“Impossible picking baby names because every name reminds me of someone I don't like,” Spencer wrote. But then again, he could be teasing Speidi fans just for fun.

Spencer had previously revealed that he would actually name their future child Speidi.
“It would be Speidi Pratt, legally. And then if they really didn't like their name when they grew up, or when they were aware of the situation, they could pick whatever name they want,” he has said publicly.

#CBB 2017

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The couple appeared the on the All Stars version of Celebrity Big Brother and claimed they would be trying to conceive while on the show. Spencer later tweeted that he would need a name before they had a baby. Who knows with these two.

They have been married since 2009, and have lasted this long— to the shock of fans of The Hills.


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