The Shockingly Heartwarming Story Behind Spencer Pratt’s Hummingbird Obsession

We know, we were surprised too!

We thought we had said everything that there was to say about Spencer Pratt. We were wrong. We told you about his hummingbird feeder hat, we told you about his other hummingbird feeder hat and guess what new hummingbird related news we have for you today?* No, it’s not another hat! It’s the touching origin story of how he became obsessed with hummingbirds—it involves wife Heidi Montag, their unborn baby, and a dash of Celebrity Big Brother.

*If you guessed hummingbird feeder glasses or a bird-feeding montage set to Taylor Swift’s "Look What You Made Me Do," you are partially right. Spencer has churned out some clutch h-bird content recently featuring both of the aforementioned and obviously, we are going to make sure you see that too.

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We’ve been so mesmerized by Spencer’s escalating love of ornithology that we haven’t really focused on the why of it. What could make a grown man turn hummingbirds into his entire personal brand? Well, thanks to an interview with Refinery29, we finally have answers.

When Spencer and Heidi returned from filming Celebrity Big Brother in England, the couple saw a hummingbird right in front of their front door. Spencer said of the sighting, “I’ve never seen anything like this. I realized that it’s guarding the cutest little nest. I’ve never seen a hummingbird nest before… They’re the most beautiful, special, magical little artistic creations. [There were these] hummingbird eggs, which are the size of Tic-Tacs.” The next day, the hummingbird eggs hatched and—like a miracle—it was the same day Heidi found out she pregnant! Spencer took it as a sign.

To further his soul bond with the birds, Spencer set up a camera to watch the nest, most likely inspired by his recent stint on Celebrity Big Brother. After seeing that a rat had killed two of the baby birds, he took the remaining bird (beloved Allen) to a rescue organization to keep him alive, because once a predator knows where the nest is, the nest is no longer safe. According to Spencer, “After a month, the [rescue organization] asks if I want them to re-release the hummingbird in my yard. I’m like ‘Uh, duh, yes please.’ So they tell me, ‘Just so you know, he may fly away, you may never see him again.’ I was prepared for that, but he flew right where he was born. So we talk with him, take selfies with him, and we’ve become best friends." Since that fateful day, the Pratts have had over 100 hummers on their property and we have been reaping all the internet content benefits.

Hopefully, we have years' worth of hummingbird footage to look forward to, soon featuring Baby Speidi! We can see it now…it's going to be some sort of Baby Pratt Snow White situation and we are here for it!

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