Spooky Halloween Decor That Will Scare the Sh*t Out of Trick-or-Treaters

They might be too afraid to ring the doorbell.

Prior to having kids, Halloween was a boozy, bar-hopping night in the city with friends. Then I started having those kids and moved to the suburbs, only to realize that Halloween is a totally different animal when you head just a few dozen miles away from the big city. It’s a wholesome, family-centric affair that is way more about candy and costumes than staying out all hours and paying huge covers to enter overcrowded bars.

The town I happened to land in, it turns out, goes bananas for Halloween. There’s a parade for kids, streets shut down for trick-or-treating and induvial homes go all out in the decor department. I’m talking spider webs spanning the height of homes, gravestones dotting yards, ghosts swaying from trees and fog machines engulfing kiddos in smoke as they nervously head up a strangers’ staircase to snatch some candy.

At first I found this to be a bizarre tradition, but a few years after living here, I’ve caught the Halloween bug, too. Not only because my kids freaking love seeing a skeleton sit on their stoop and a monster try to grab them out of a tree—but because this is what my childhood Halloween memories were made of. That’s right, good ol’ nostalgia propelled me to make my front yard look like a veritable cemetery, and I relish in the reactions it receives all throughout the month of October. And, of course, I also like scaring the sh*t out of those trick-or-treaters on the 31st. And you will, too. Below are 15 optiosn that will surely do the trick...on those trick-or-treaters.

Tree Face and Arms Set

BUY FROM: Grandin Road, $69

LED Hanging Clown

BUY FROM: Oriental Trading, $41.99

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Halloween Sonic Spirit

BUY FROM: Target, $30

Giant Skeleton Spider

BUY FROM: Grandin Road, SALE $62 (Regularly $69, 10% Off!)

The Holiday Aisle Pose n' Stay Skeleton

BUY FROM: Wayfair, SALE $76.99 (Regularly $89.99, 14% Off!)

Witch Leg Stakes

BUY FROM: Grandin Road, $149 for a set of 2

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Halloween Zombie Groundbreaker

BUY FROM: Target, $25

5-Foot Posable Dummy Prop

BUY FROM: Spirit Halloween, $69.99

Home Accents Holiday 7-Foot Towering Werewolf

BUY FROM: Home Depot, $207

Gaseous Fog Zombie Animatronic

BUY FROM: Spirit Halloween, $69.99

Home Accents Holiday 12-Foot Inflatable Lighted Tall Ghost

BUY FROM: Home Depot, $108

1.4-Foot Fogging Skull Pile

BUY FROM: Spirit Halloween, $79.99

Shaking Coffin

BUY FROM: Oriental Trading, SALE $79,98 (Regularly $99.99, 20% Off!)

Hanging Porcelain Doll

BUY FROM: Oriental Trading, $19.99

The Holiday Aisle Hanging Ghoul Lighted Display

BUY FROM: Wayfair, SALE $19.99 (Regularly $89.99, 14% Off!)

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