Give Your Peanut Butter the Finger with This Innovative Utensil

 A new spoon designed for food that's finger lickin' good.

We've all done it. Admit it: You have, too. Here's the scene: You're home alone, making a snack. No one's looking. No one's around. And so you dip your spoon into the jar of peanut butter, or Nutella, or honey, and eat it straight. Maybe you go in for a second round, or a third. No one's watching. And maybe, just maybe, you ditch the spoon entirely and decide to dig in with the most convenient, efficient, God-given utensil you have—your finger. You're swiping up every last drop. And when you're done, you quietly put away the jar and TELL NO ONE what just happened.

Sound familiar? (No? OK, maybe it's just us.) Well, now you can stop feeling guilty about dipping your fingers into the peanut butter jar. Munchies reports that a psychologist and a designer have teamed up to create a new type of spoon that they claim can make food taste better—and yes, it's shaped like a finger.

"In our opinion, your hand is the best tool you have to eat with and it is one of the most pleasurable things to eat with your hands and fingers," said co-creator Charles Michel in the Munchies interview. "Our idea is to reconnect people with that sensuality of eating, but in an elegant way."

The spoon, called "Goûte," (meaning "taste" in French) is handmade in the UK and can be used to eat anything creamy that's finger-lickin' good, like yogurt, chocolate mousse, oatmeal, or pudding. Its design is based on a 3D-print of a scanned finger with a handle attached.

According to, where you can purchase the spoon in glass or wood, Goûte "enhances the sensation of creaminess," "improves the intensity of sweet flavours," "highlights the value of food," and "makes for a more mindful eating experience."

We'll add that it provides a more hygienic way to dip into that tub of Nutella. As long as you don't double-dip.

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