Genius Squirrel Steals Over 150 Christmas Lightbulbs to Decorate His Tree

Honestly, his Christmas tree makes more sense than yours.

For generations, humans have been nonsensically sawing down perfectly good trees and installing them in their living rooms to decorate with popcorn and tinsel and lights.

So really, it makes 100% complete and perfect sense that a squirrel—who lives in a tree full-time—would decide that it’s time to decorate for Christmas. This tiny Seattle-based dude has started on quite a set-up, stealing over 150 Christmas light bulbs from his neighbor’s holiday display. (Watch him fly, bulb-in-mouth, from the deck to the tree—this squir’s got moxy!)

While the bulbs won’t be quite as impressive without electricity, we wouldn’t be shocked if this industrial little fella MacGyvers something or other. Hope his neighbor keeps an eye on her electric bills!

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