Starbucks Is Asserting Its World Domination by Opening a Massive 4-Story Megastore in Chicago

It's like Willy Wonka for coffee. 

At this point, there's a Starbucks on practically every corner of America. But clearly, we haven't hit saturation point yet. And that's why the coffee giant is planning to open a supersize Starbucks-of-all-Starbucks, right in the heart of Chicago.

According to Business Insider, the four-story, 43,000-square-foot Starbucks Roastery will be located on Chicago's Magnificent Mile and will boast on-site coffee bean roasters, exclusive small-batch coffees, and interactive tours for the coffee lovers who'll surely descend in droves on this touristy strip. The Roastery will serve pizza (?), too. (It's a collaboration with Italian bakery chain Princi, according to Eater.) It's slated to open in 2019 in the space that's currently home to another corporate giant, Crate & Barrel.

This won't be the first Jurassic-sized Starbucks, however. There's one already in Seattle, and another scheduled to open in NYC in 2018.

If you're still worried that there just aren't enough Starbucks in the world, never fear—Starbucks' plan for total coffee domination is well underway. It's planning to open more roasteries in Shanghai, Milan, and Tokyo.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

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