Stephen Asprinio

Welcome to Stephen Asprinio's wine blog.

on Oct 10, 2007

Welcome to the Stephen Asprinio Wine Blog. Simply put, this blog is for the savvy, the curious, and the speculative minds that wonder, “What is the deal with wine?”

Wine is such an intricate subject, and it takes a bit of motivation to really immerse oneself into the wonderful world of wine. The motivation, for me at least, has always been what’s in the bottle, and how a particular wine comes to life, from grape to glass. First off though, I wanted to include some background on wine, in regards to how the wine drinking community as a whole has grown over the past thirty to forty years. For too long, wine has held a pretentious reputation. Unfortunately, in the past, there have been cases where wine drinkers felt it necessary to use their knowledge of wine to compensate for their lacking in other areas (small “male organs”, low self esteem, etc.), projecting a very snooty, elitist attitude about wine, and not simply embracing it for what it is -- an art form. This in turn created a negative connotation associated with wine, and consequently turned many people off from the holy grape juice altogether.

At a point, the majority of “fine wine” consumption (wine based on quality, not necessarily price) was exclusive to a particular class because the majority remained under the impression that fine wine was expensive and only attainable by the wealthy. Many lacked education, and/or simply have never been exposed to wines say, from outside the U.S. In the end though, after years of Wine Spectator, Food & Wine magazine, and many others providing information to what quality wine is and how readily available it is from around the world, the truth unveiled itself, and the reality of wine and its simplistic beauty became evident.