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Stop Being Mad, It's National Get Out Of the Dog House Day

If you're upset with your partner, take today to let the grudge go. Not a bad thing. 

Did you know it’s National Get Out of the Dog House Day? Well, it is. 

We’ve all experienced being in the dog house—being in trouble for one thing or another with your mate and having to be on your best behavior until the storm passes (which hopefully it does.) National Get Out of the Dog House Day is described as “an opportunity to get you back in the big house where you belong.”

Celebrated on the third Monday in July, the day is for being sweet and kind to your partner with the ultimate goal of getting yourself back in their good graces. When you’re fighting with your partner, the days are just crappier, so we’re all agreeing to stop holding whatever grudge you have on this one beautiful day. 

Tips for getting out of the dog house include writing your partner a handwritten card apologizing for whatever you did. Don’t text, take the time to write out a nice message. Sit and talk to your partner and try to fix whatever it was you were fighting about. 

And finally, go buy a present—that always seems to work. 

People are observing the day on social media using #GetOutoftheDogHouseDay.

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