The Stranger Things Intro, Reimagined—with Waffles, of Course

Eleven's favorite binge food gets top billing. 

If you're hungrily awaiting the next season of the creepy-cool Netflix hit Stranger Things, you've got a ways to go. The all-too-brief trailer for season two debuted during the Super Bowl, and it's not coming out until Halloween, naturally.

Earlier this week, Entertainment Weekly featured the Stranger Things cast on its cover, which revealed Eleven sporting a brand-new curly 'do (leading to a lot of speculation about potential plotlines for the second season).

More details about the plot have been revealed (if you're into spoilers, you can read them here), though we're still asking ourselves #whataboutbarb?!

 While the Internet drives itself into a frenzy trying to guess what happens next, noticed that a hardcore fan with some time to kill decided to channel his or her energies into recreating the show's iconic opening credits with—what else—Eggo waffles, Eleven's binge food of choice.

October is still months away, so we can only imagine what diehard fans will come up with next. The Upside Down, built entirely out of Eggos? Gauntlet thrown.

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