Study Shows Cats Are Magical by Protecting Newborns from This Major Chronic Disease

Is there anything that kitties can't do?

Cats are magical in so many ways, but a new study in Denmark shows that they seem to have the power to prevent at least one major chronic disease. 

According to ScienceNordic, researchers at Copenhagen Studies on Asthma in Childhood Research Center (COPSAC) in Denmark have discovered that the presence of cats around mothers with asthma who have just given birth to newborns can "neutralize" the gene that doubles the average risk of developing asthma. Cats were also found to be effective in helping to ward off pneumonia and bronchitis. This led them to a larger conclusion, that "the genes behind a disease can be switched on or off depending on the environment around us."

“For me, this is the core message," says the study's co-author, professor Hans Bisgaard, "because it’s a recognition in the direction of how disease occurs. It documents the interplay between genetics and the environment we live in, and in particular that this occurs very early in life, both during pregnancy and in the home."

Dogs were also studied but were not found to have similar abilities — which could be a valuable tidbit of info to know if you're debating what type of pet to bring into your home before bringing a human baby into the world.

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