Study: That Romantic Vacation Is Going to Kill Your New Relationship

Planning a couple's trip could kibosh the honeymoon phase — fast.

A romantic trip may seem like a big player in our courtship and relationship fantasies — hello, The Bachelor — but a new survey shows travel can actually a great way to end the honeymoon, too!

Travel search engine just released a travel trends report (commissioned by research org YouGov), and it showed that aside from traveling together, even just the stress from planning a trip along can be enough to make partners in a newer relationship veer toward a breakup.

These rather dire results show nearly a quarter of Americans agree that travel habits are a potential deal breaker in a relationship, and a third of millennials agree that travel habits could make or break a relationship (23 percent of Americans overall feel the same way).

Even worse, one in 12 couples admits to having argued over poor travel planning, and one in eight women reveals she's gotten in a travel-related argument — as compared to just one in 20 men. This is even worse if you consider it comes at a time when Americans are traveling abroad ever more frequently — 2015 marked a 7.6 percent increase from the year before. Meaning, there’s a whole lot of relationships in a lot of trouble right about now thanks to good travel intentions!

How you travel is a great indicator of how you comport yourself in daily life — guard down, no filter — and this could expose vulnerable couples just starting out. “This is exactly why I send serious clients on make-or-break vacation dates within the first eight dates with people who have real potential [for] relationships,” says dating expert Laurel House, star of E!’s Famously Single. What your travel style and purpose is, how much you pack, what you pack, how you plan, where you plan on going, what you like to do, how you schedule (or don't) your time, how you treat those around you, how you wake up and go to sleep, how your attitude fluctuates, and what your interests and habits are will all come into play. “

House adds, "A vacation is an environment that encourages transparency — one that isn’t about being on all the time, but is instead about being real. You learn a lot about a person when traveling together."

Vacations can help filter out extraneous things surrounding new relationship allowing you to focus on your partner and get clear on if you are good for each other or not. But before you travel, be clear on your dating purpose, or you may end up traveling home solo!

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