2017 Started with Surfing Dogs on a Parade Float So We Think It’s Gonna Be a Good Year

Al Roker totally agrees.

Happy New Year! Did y’all have a nice holiday? If not, it was probably because you didn’t tune into the Tournament of Roses Parade, which featured a bunch of dogs surfing a wave machine atop an absurdly long float, and Al Roker losing his mind in return.

The Lucy Pet’s Gnarly Crankin’ K-9 Wavemaker Float featured a rotation of eight talented surfing puppies. Among them were Fred, a world champion surfing and Frisbee trick dog; Haole, a Purina Proplan Incredible Dog Challenge winner three years running; Sully, the Surf Dog Winner at the 2016 Petco Surf Dog Competition; and mini Dachshund Coppertone, the best small surfing dog in the pro circuit (and erstwhile honorary mayor of San Diego).

Now listen, we’re not scientists, so we can’t quite explain how they turned a moving vehicle into a live action wave pool. But suffice it to say that such a feat of engineering (coupled with such feats of dog talent) blew all of our minds. We think that announcer Al Roker summed it up best: “LOOK AT THE WEINER DOG! WAIT, IT’S TWO! TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! OH THAT’S FANTASTIC. YES! YES!!!”

But the dogs weren’t the only ones making history: Lucy Pet (which is a foundation that aims to reduce pet overpopulation with mobile spay-neuter clinics) set a world record for the longest and heaviest float in Tournament of Roses Parade history. According to Kim Partrick with the Guinness World Records, it weighed 74 tons (tons!) with 10,000 gallons of water, and measured in at 126 feet long.

Welcome to 2017: The Year of Surfing Dogs.

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