Swipe Right, Hot Olympians Are All Over Tinder

They're finding each other in Olympic Village thanks to the dating app. 

How can anyone compete with the best competitors on the planet—even when they’re off duty?

The world’s hottest, hard-bodied athletes are using Tinder to release whatever energy (sexy-time) they may have left after competing in the Olympics. The Olympic Committee did hand out 450,000 condoms for a reason—Olympic Village is a madhouse of fun

An anonymous user behind the account sportswipe has done  the world a favor and collected the photos of the athletes who have Tinder profiles. Here is a sampling of the beauties on the site. 

“All images found on Tinder/Bumble. Providing alternative coverage of Rio 2016 and other major sporting events Photos do not belong to me,” the person writes. 

This genius gift giver then went and created rioswipe, “Coverage of Rio Olympic Athlete Village Tinder. Not recommended to follow due to likely high volumes. Likes, comments welcome.”

About 500 Rio athletes are active on the swiping app so far, including swimmer Ryan Lochte and golfer Rickie Fowler.

Ryan recently revealed that he had joined Tinder to Time—then quickly turned serious about the pool. 

“You’re there to compete, you’re not there to party,” he said. Tinder says otherwise. 

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