Taco Bell Is Now Serving a Kit Kat Quesadilla, As If That Needed to Happen

Is it a trick? Is it a treat? Either way, it's frightening.

Taco Bell has never been one for the faint of stomach. You could walk into one at 9 a.m. and order a taco made out of a Dorito and loaded with nacho cheese sauce, guacamole, and jalapeño peppers, for example. So you know, there's that.

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So at this point, it takes a lot for us to be caught off guard by any sort of new Taco Bell menu item. We’re seasoned veterans of unusual seasoning. Nothing's shocking, right?

Well, hey, now there's a Kit Kat quesadilla. That will do it.

According to reports/Twitter/word-of-mouth buzz, Taco Bell stores in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area have been selling the candy-stuffed abomination, labeled as a “Chocoladilla,” which consists of a tortilla stuffed with melted Kit Kats. The dessert, stomach ache, and bragging rights can be all yours for the relatively insane price of just $1.

Other locations are also reportedly carrying a Twix-infused version of the Chocoladilla, in case you thought the Chocoladilla sounded like an item that would benefit from the addition of caramel.

A version of the Chocoladilla apparently sold for a limited time in the U.K. last year, but this appears to mark its first foray into U.S. locations. Like the U.K.-version of the Chocoladilla, we’re guessing this candy-queso treat won’t be around for long — so, if you want to try it, you’d better act fast.

And buy some antacid while you’re at it.

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