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These Bubbly Popsicles Make Every Day Feel Like the Weekend

Chop, stir, freeze, done.

Time-lapse recipe videos can be deceptive: A dish that takes a ton of sweat and tears ends up looking so quick and easy that even a four-year-old can do it. Not this Bubbly Popsicles video from Tasty. The popsicles actually are so simple, a four-year-old can make them. Not that we recommend this, because the luscious little things are loaded with Champagne. You can even make them when you're loaded. They're almost completely foolproof and drunk-proof: Just chop strawberries, dice pineapple (you can use canned), muddle in a bowl, stir in ginger ale, and dump everything into glasses with a lime wedge in each. Freeze overnight, then move the frozen popsicles into bigger glasses and top off with your favorite bubbly. That's it. Watch, learn, want:

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