Taylor and Tom: The Couple That Travels Together Stays Together?!

Well, we'll see — but they've already been everywhere.

Are their jet-setting habits an indication that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are in this for the long haul?

It's possible, but first let's remember that it wasn't so long ago she shared with the world her adorkable trampoline fail while on holiday with ex Calvin Harris. Things move, ahem, swiftly around here.

Let's recap: Taylor and Tom were seen dancing at the Met gala together in New York City while she was still supposedly dating Harris. And then just two weeks after her breakup with Harris, the new couple was snapped while kissing on the shores of Rhode Island, where Taylor has a home.

They've been traveling onboard a 12-seater Gulfstream-V private jet that costs a whopping $7,000 per hour. They’ve just gotten together but have already been traipsing the globe together.

He’s been to Nashville, her home, and checked out Taylor’s pal Selena Gomez in concert. Selena recently had Taylor’s back in a Kanye/Swift social media war (yes, another one). So of course, she’s got to introduce the new man to her bestie!

The very next day they went to the uber-posh Surrey, England for Taylor to meet his mom.

Photo: Fame/Flynet

Photo: Fame/Flynet

They stayed for just 24 hours. They are serious about doing the rounds. Check... next!

Now that meeting the family is out of the way, the couple could finally (tee hee) take a real vacation. 

The pair vacationed in Rome, Italy where they checked into the ultra glamorous Nijinsky Suite at the Hotel de Roussie. Want to stay there on your next trip? It’ll only cost you $18,900 a night. Mere pocket change!

They did the tourist deal checking out the Colosseum on the first day and wandering the streets at night.

#Update | Taylor and Tom at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy earlier today. #taylorswift

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The last day, they took a helicopter ride over Vatican City — it doesn’t get much more romantic than that!

Then they went back to Rhode Island where Swift threw a party for her squad, and got a little handsy in the water. We don’t blame her. But we do possibly blame her for making him him wear that “I heart t.s.” shirt though (and so does the Internet.)

Yes "I ❤ T.S" 😍 #rhodeisland #TomHiddleston #taylorswift #Hiddleswift #hiddleswifties #hiddlestoners #Swifties

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The couple next headed for Australia’s Gold Coast, where Taylor took time away from Tom to visit a children’s hospital. Tom’s filming a movie.

The two hit up Gemelli Italian Restaurant and didn’t hide the PDA from the paps. 

Yes, they did just start dating. And yes they seem to take more vacations in a month and a half than the average couple does in a year (or a lifetime).

Well, you know what they say: The couple who travels together stays together, right? Maybe.

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