Top Tips For a Couple Moving In Together For the First Time

Yours, Mine or Ours interior design expert Taylor Spellman weighs in on creating a happy home. 

Top interior designer Taylor Spellman—seen on Bravo’s Yours, Mine or Ours—has some advice for couples moving in together and getting real. Whether it’s mixing styles or mixing personalities, she has some wise words for keeping it sexy with everyday life at home. Read on for what Taylor has to say and be sure to tune in to Yours, Mine or Ours on Mondays at 10/9c.

Here Taylor is in her own words:

So! You're moving in together for the first time. Yeah! This is exciting stuff!! It’s the next step! A dream come true! And…I assume you want it to stay that way. 

As a designer in New York City, and someone who has moved in with a couple different dudes (*not at once * let the record show), here are some tips for navigating this exciting next step with ease, grace and only a moderate amount of wine consumption.

1.  Private Space

Now that you guys are merging everything and you're so excited about this amazing new endeavor, don't totally loose your mind in a misguided state of domestic bliss. In a couple weeks, OOOOPS! I meant to say YEARS, the sheen will wear off and reality will set in. Your partner will have some weird habits and do annoying things so make sure you each have your own space to retreat to. This whole idea of “lets do everything together” is a bad one. Especially, if you intend on staying together.

2.  Pick your battles

He wants a ping pong table in the living room and you want an imported cashmere headboard worth more than your life. Familiarize yourself with the word compromise because its your new best friend. He gets the ping pong table in the basement and you get the headboard thats still tufted, but from your local furniture store. Hashtag compromise. 

3.  Chores

Growing up my mother would always say “When you first start living with someone, be very careful what chores you agree to.” I had no idea what she was rambling on about until one day I realized that in my initial excitement of moving in together I happily took on everything. Fast forward a couple years and there I was; taking out the garbage, doing all the laundry, cooking, cleaning and swearing a lot. It was around that same time I promptly ended that relationship but I digress. The point is, make sure to lay the groundwork correctly in the beginning and don't get blinded by the initial excitement of playing house. 

4.  User friendly

You’ll begin to notice some of the really neat traits your new roommate has like when he drops his jeans in the corner of the bedroom vs simply putting them away. Why basic problems like this are as chronic as Lindsay Lohan crying faux-pregnancy we’ll never know. But the best way to navigate these issues is to make things user friendly. Set up a system that can’t fail so that when he does inevitably drop his drawers (not in the sexy way) you can point to the hamper that’s been placed in the corner of the bedroom. Trust me, it will make it easier on all parties involved. Okay go! Live in domestic bliss! This is an amazing and exciting time. Just remember… #compromise, an evenly distributed chore list and a good hamper will get you very, very far. 


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