Team Top Chef

Pee-Wee Herman serves as guest judge for -- what's Senior Editor considers -- the hardest challenge of the season so far.

Feb 1, 2012

Hello my little Chairies! I want to start by saying that this week's episode was probably my favorite of the season thus far. Gail told me that next week's is outta control, so I reserve the right ot change my mind. But, this one was giving me heart palpitations. We'll get to thatin a minute though.

Let's start with the Quickfire. Padma introduces the chefs to the guest judge, and it's none other than Pee-wee Herman! LIke pretty much everyone, I did watch Pee-Wee religiously as a child, and even saw Pee-wee's Big Adventure, and like the Ernest movies, I'm pretty sure it scared me. But Muppets scare me, so that's not really saying much. Either way, i was pretty psyched to see him as guest judge. The judges were first tasked with making Pee-wee's favorite food -- pancakes. Some chefs,like Grayson and Sarah, went super-whimsical, which actually surprised me, and others went more of the elevated route. In the end, Edward killed it with his kind of ingenious "pancake bits." Was anyone else surprised not to see one Chairy-inspired pancake?! Also, total sidenote, but Grayson's Minnie-inspired pancake reminded me of these ice cream pops I used to enjoy when I was little, so thanks for the memories, Grayson!