Guess How Many Times That Sext You Sent Is Being Shared With Other People

The recipient can't help but play show and tell with your steamy message. 

Sending steamy texts? The recipient isn’t the only one seeing them.

A new sexting study out of Indiana University polled more than 5,800 single adults and found that nearly 25 percent of them had let a pal peek at a sext on their phone. Not only that, some showed or forwarded the message to at least three people, so you’d better hope your sexting game is strong

Nearly 75 percent the people questioned added that they were uncomfortable with the idea of the sext being shared with unintended people. 

As for who’s sexting, couples in long-term relationships text the dirtiest messages (hey, whatever works).  Sixty-six percent of men and 78 percent of women say they do it to flirt with their partnerIt also means your partner may be showing off your sexts, so you may be sitting down for a talk soon. 

One in five people asked had sent a sext in their life—men 1.5 more times than women. Sixteen percent sent pics along with words. 

The study authors say that although sexting has become the norm and pretty much doesn’t shock anyone anymore, people really don’t comprehend how hackable they are. Or how much people like to show and tell.

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