The Couple That Binge Watches Together, Stays Together

If you zone out in front of the TV as a couple, your bond will be deeper. 

Couch potatoes stay together—and not just because they’re stuck on the couch. 

Watching the same TV shows with your significant other can improve your relationship, according to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

It was found that sharing the same TV shows, books and movies with partners can deepen the quality of the romance. And if the couple had different circles of friends, the bond over their shows was even more important. 

“When couples share a similar social circle, it helps foster a feeling of closeness and connection in a relationship,” says the study. “But if a couple doesn’t have the same friends, watching the same TV show or scheduling a movie night can compensate for that deficit. Regularly watching these things together can maintain that feeling of closeness and make up for their lack of mutual friends.”

In scientific language:

“Sharing a social identity is a key component of interdependence in romantic relationships. In particular, sharing a social network of friends and family members with a romantic partner enhances relationship quality, but maintaining an integrated social network is not always possible. When people lack a shared circle of friends with their partners, sharing media like TV shows, books, and movies with partners may compensate for this deficit and restore closeness. 

“Two studies examined the influence of sharing real and fictional social worlds on relationship outcomes. Our findings showed that when people lack shared friends with their romantic partners, sharing media predicts greater relationship quality and people become motivated to share media with their partners. These studies show that shared media can enhance interdependence and allow people to compensate for lacking a shared social network in the real-world.”

So go ahead, binge.

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