Couple Who Just Broke the Longest Road Trip Record Shares Their Tip for Not Killing Your Travel Companion

They figured out a game plan after they almost "ripped each other's f***ing heads off" at a Las Vegas Hooters.

World Record Road Trip bloggers Greg Cayea and Heather Thompson just broke the world record for longest domestic road trip, having traveled about 30,000 miles within the United States over three months. (The previous record holders were in India.) 

They started in Tempe, Arizona, with rules including: no stopping for longer than 14 days in any one place, filming two minutes of video footage per every hour on the road, keeping a logbook all mileage and breaks, keeping a log of witnesses along the road who could document their journey — and no round trips. 

They've since covered the map with zigzags — for reference, the U.S. is less than 3,000 miles from end to end, and their route has already covered 10 times that distance. So that’s a really long time to spend trapped in a small compartment, hurdling through space with another human. 

Gettin ready for bed

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So how does a couple who has spent that much time in a car still like each other? Well, Greg told Jet Set, it hasn’t always been easy. (Duh.)

“We have almost killed each other,” he said. And it didn’t take long to get to that point either. “In fact at the beginning of the trip, in Vegas to be specific, right outside of Hooters, we nearly ripped each other's f***ing heads off. But then we were like — no. We're doing this s*** and nobody is gonna stop us — especially not ourselves!”

And from there they began to put into place what Greg called “relationship systems.”

He said, “For instance, I wake up early at about 6 a.m. and do 120 pushups no matter where we are sleeping — truck stop, rest area, side of the highway, Walmart parking lot, wherever. Then I meditate for 15 minutes.” That sets a healthy mindset for coping on the road.

This is us!

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“Then when Heather wakes up, I know that she wants to get on the road and pack up the car and get some food into her asap, so I know that if I am cranky to keep it to myself till she's eaten, or [to register that] if she's cranky it's only cause she hasn't eaten,” he says. “Then when arguments arise, you gotta squash it in your head immediately then take responsibility for your part and say it out loud then let the feelings pass over and let it go.”

All in all, he says the trick is simple: “You gotta be considerate… and very calm.”

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