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NeNe Leakes is giving marriage another go, which means your Tuesday nights are about to get way more fun. So why should you tune in to I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding? We can think of at least five reasons why you can't miss it.

1. Gregg's One-Liners

It's a well-known fact that Gregg Leakes is a fan of the one-liner, and I Dream of NeNe is full of them. Case in point? While at lunch with NeNe’s aunt and godmother, Gregg dropped this line to describe his rekindled relationship with NeNe: "Sometimes you can dig for gold in a lot or a land and not find it. But if you go back home and dig in your own backyard it's full of gold. So I found my gold."

2. There's Plenty of Drama

One word: prenup. Though they're headed towards marital bliss, it can"t all be "peaches and cream" (to borrow a term from NeNe), and tensions run high when NeNe brings up the topic of prenuptial agreements. And if that's not enough, there's also bad blood between Gregg's children and NeNe.

3. The Heels, of Course

NeNe wouldn’t be NeNe without the heels. Six inches, at least.

4. A New Kind of Interior Therapy

Move over, Jeff Lewis—there’s a new designer in town. In addition to her acting chops, NeNe also demonstrates her aptitude for interior design while shopping for furniture for her son Bryson’s apartment. But this isn't your average shopping trip—NeNe uses the opportunity to drop some motherly advice on Bryson, who NeNe would like to be a little bit more of a responsible adult. After all, he is the father of her 'glam-baby.'

5. It’s Going to Be Fabulous

And we’d expect nothing less from ATL’s realest Housewife. "I'm just gonna spend whatever I have to spend," NeNe says in the preview clip below. "Let's start at a million dollars and I’m sure we’re gonna go way past that." And from her nine bridesmaids to her 15-karat diamond ring,the "Remix" is shaping up to be even more fabulous than the first go-round.

Are you excited for tonight's premiere? Tell us in the comments and watch the first ten minutes of tonight's episode (airing at 9/8c) below.

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One more thing...isn't Ne Ne the one who said at one of the reunions that the way Phaedra and Apollo were kissing was disgusting and should be left for the bedroom? How about her first wedding,  in her wedding gown, after she was pronounced Greggs wife, standing at the altar in in front of God and Guests her disgusting Lizard tongue came out....That was really disgusting...on your wedding day???



I'm watching...


Nene is ridiculous and no!  I am not hating. But for her to where a 15 carat ring is just a bit much and when the idiot comes up with NINE fingers I'll be rolling on the floor!  She is classless to me, just a big mouth girl always bragging and I think she will be brought down somehow.  I like Kim. Kim has always stayed true to who she is and doing it to e hilt!  Nene wishes she could be more like Kim!


 @critic Haven't your noticed that NeNe only has rules for everyone else and none apply to her. She trashes and bashes everyone of the housewives and she is guilty of the same behavior or worse. 


She has nothing decent to say about anyone and criticizes everyone. You can only take so much of NeNe and her negativity and her pretend world of how great she thinks she is.