He also admits he was a champion of Lauri Waring Peterson's return.

on Oct 23, 2013 - The Dish

Ever wonder how Housewives stars like Vicki Gunvalson and Teresa Giudice became Housewives stars? Or have you had hopes of becoming a 'Wife yourself? Andy Cohen is now pulling back the curtain on what it takes to get on the show.

In the latest episode of @sk Andy, he explains the secrets of the casting and how much he's involved. "I am involved in all of it," he says. "We have a team...we work with the production company to go over submissions for Housewives." He also says after the production company sends a few picks over to Bravo HQ, he whittles down the list.

But what about when certain stars return after a hiatus? "Typically, I'm at the forefront of trying to woo back formers to the show," he says. "If it's a terrible idea, people will say to me, 'It's a terrible idea.'" One in particular? "For Orange County, I always wanted to bring Lauri [Waring-Peterson] back but Lauri didn't want to come back." (She returned as a part-time member.)

The latest episode of @sk Andy also included a quick cameo from Rachael Ray, who popped in with an #AskAndy of her own: "What was the last fib you told?"

"The last fib that I told was I committed to a plan that I knew I was going to cancel," Andy admits. "It's so flaky, but it's true!"

Got a question for Andy? Be sure to tweet his assistant @CarpeDaryn your questions and she'll be sure to #AskAndy! And watch more episodes here.

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