Top Chef All-Star sworn in as 'Secretary of Love.'

on Jan 13, 2011 - The Dish0

Top Chef All-Stars' Carla Hall
Hootie hoo! Last night, Top Chef All-Star Carla Hall won a trip to Amsterdam with her bagel-inspired bluefish, and today, she's been charged with keeping the love flowing in Washington, D.C.

According to the Washington Examiner, Carla has been named D.C.'s Honorary Secretary of Love and Relationships, a title held last year by the Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

"Thanks for ALL the love y'all. I'm truly humbled," tweeted an excited Carla. "@destinationdc chose me to be DC'S Secretary of Love & Relationships. I'm on my way to be sworn in by Council Chairman Kwame Brown."

Upon officiating the Top Chef on Thursday, Brown told followers, "Love makes the world go round. Just swore in Carla Hall as Secretary of Love and Relationships! Plenty 2 do in DC 2 connect with loved ones."

So, what exactly are Carla's duties as a Secretary of Love? Says the Examiner, "Hall will help market Destination D.C.'s 'Date Nights D.C.,' a promotion to get couples out on the town for the month of February."

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I think Carla is absolutely the best fit for this title. I love Carla on Top Chef. She seems very genuine. She's humble. Kudos to you. God Bless You! Much love from St. Louis.

radcat38 are such a sweet down-to-earth love-for-everyone woman. You are so special and have a large heart. I think you are perfect person to get this honor. You will do us all proud. Take care. PS. Marcel owes you an aplogy...and you had the right to enjoy that happiness of that deserved win!!

Amylulu Devine
Amylulu Devine

I am so proud of Carla. This season she is not second guessing herself. She is not placing somebody else's opinion above her own. And by listening to her inner voice she is winning. Thank you Carla for teaching us that we can have success by being true to ourselves. May God continue to bless, protect and guide you. May happiness and prosperity embrace you. In Jesus' name I pray for you. Amen.